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Family Law Attorney


I'm a family law attorney. That is all I have done since my graduation from law school in 1992. I am licensed in both Missouri and Kansas. I often meet with clients  for an initial conference who are just considering a divorce or separation, but are not ready to move forward yet with a divorce.
The work I do includes: divorce, modification or change to prior court orders as to child support or custody and paternity cases, which involve two people breaking up who are not married and have issues involving child custody, suppport or own property jointly.
I also do prenuptial agreements for those getting married who want to protect their assets in the unlikely event of a divorce. 
I assist clients who have simple and uncontested cases and those with complex issues that require going to court. I have been doing contested trial work since 1992. My goal is to help my clients avoid going to trial and to resolve the issues outside of court. 

Call or email me with questions or to schedule a meeting.

Tel:  816.523.4667




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